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Dr. Jayashree Srinivasan
Doctor Rating

4.9 out of 5

Dr. Jayashree Srinivasan

68 Patient Ratings
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Patient Reviews


Dr. Srinivasin is the best!!!


Great Service I recommended you to a friend!


She ROCKS!! The best in her field and I would highly recommend her. She's put me back together twice and my family and I are forever grateful.


Dr. Srinivasan always has excellent solutions for my various medical issues.


nice work


Thank you!


I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I feel 100 percent better in all aspects of my life. I am able to work full capacity at Swedish medical center. Still working on strengthening with pt and at home. I am a living legacy of the excellent work and services that Dr. Srinivasan and staff has done for me. My family and I are very pleased and excited about how good I am after the surgery and did really well with the recovery. I am very grateful to all of you and cannot thank you enough for the great work that you have done for me. I have been very proud telling my family and friends that if they ever need surgery to come to you. I know that you guys will always keep doing the best you can in helping individuals who need help like me. You all deserve 5 star and an a. Thanks a million again and God bless.


Outstanding results and quality of care exceptional! Attentive, professional, and first class


Everything turned out well and I am pain free. Thank you


Fabulous results


Fabulous results.


Had surgery 1 yr ago and have had amazing results! Thank you.


Excellent surgeon. Good communicator. Always pleasant. Highly recommend Dr Srinivasan.


Amazing doctor, staff and follow up. Thank you!!


Dr.Srinivasan and her team are truly the best she fused both my lower back and neck and renewed my quality of life I will be forever grateful.


Your blunt "what are you waiting for? Look.at yourself." Was just what I needed to move forward with the surgery. Now I feel better than I can ever remember!




Dr. Srinevasen listened to me and was good at explaining what needed to be done. Follow up care is reassuring and I appreciated her concern that I was doing well after surgery. I will gladly recommend Dr Srinevasen!


Was walking same day as surgery. Very informative and available for questions.


Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, I'm pain free at this point in my life and I feel great, I really can't thank you and your crew enough........


My experience with Jaysharee has been exceptional. I would venture to say she is as good as you can get.


My experience with Jaysharee has been exceptional. I would venture to say she is as good as you can get. It is hard to find a doctor any more who really listens to you and communicates information. Every time I have a follow up visit, I leave feeling confident I made the right decision. I feel good about the future and in a good place. I would and have recommended


Thank you to everyone for good care. Very nice and professional team approach to patients concerns and questions. Thank you again for returning me to my daily activities without pain and struggles that I had before the lower back surgery.


My first surgery with another surgeon failed. My Recovery was much easier this time. I feel great and am hopeful that everything will be fine going forward.


Very accessible, accommodative and responsive to questions and concerns both in pre-operative and post-operative periods.Cervical spine surgery went well, without any issues.Dr Srinivasan always has a smile and is confident and decisive.

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