Your Health Is Not Something To Take Lightly

Health decisions are very important to your overall quality of life. Regardless of whether your doctor is right or wrong, it’s always a good idea to seek a second opinion.

Second opinions help you explore other options, if available, or confirm initial course of treatment. By taking the step to learn more about your condition, and by seeking additional insight from a trained medical professional, you are taking part in your treatment and recovery.

Know The Options Available To You

Whether spine or cranial, there are many options available to you in earlier stages of many conditions. These include therapeutic, physical therapy, and other non-surgical means. These options should be explored prior to surgery. If surgery is inevitable, you should learn about the types of surgery available for your diagnosis. Minimally invasive surgery is an alternative in many cases, but may not always be the best option. Only be exploring the treatments available to you, and discussing these treatments with your doctor, can you make a truly informed decision.

Please take some time to visit our Patient Education section and learn about your condition and recommended treatments. And always seek a second opinion to know your options.

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